I'm using a work computer and the content looks strange

As the content is being viewed on a work computer, it is not unusual for users to experience odd issues due to web fonts, html5 video or html5 content being blocked on a corporate network.

  1. Please ensure that you meet the minimum requirements as seen here.
  2. Try a hard refresh of your browser using the following command: Ctrl + F5 (Windows), Command + shift + F5 (Macintosh). Please note that hard refresh is unavailable on mobile devices.
  3. Refresh your cache using the instructions available at
  4. Ensure that your firewall or network settings are not blocking web fonts, html5 content or html5 video. This can often occur in corporate or government environments and must be handled by their respective IT departments. Contact your IT department and get our domain of ( added to your whitelist.

Note: Your progress may be reset when performing the above troubleshooting methods. Using the menu on the left-hand side of the player (PC, Mac) or from the slide out menu (mobile) select the topic that you would like to continue from and resume your pre-learning.


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