Certificate Printing

Some e-learning courses contain a certificate that is produced at the completion of assessments. It is important to print or save the certificate during your online session. You cannot log out and log back in to retrieve a certificate.

If you do not have access to a printer consider saving the certificate as a PDF on your computer. Then you can print the certificate at a later date or email it to the relevant parties.

A certificate can be reproduced by starting a new attempt and completing the final assessment again.

In order to save a certificate as a pdf please follow the guide below:


Step 1: Select print



Step 2: Select Change destination



Step 3: Select "print to pdf" this may also be called "microsoft pdf printer" or "save as pdf"



Step 4: Select Save/Print




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    Rachel North

    This would have been immensely helpful to know, except that I wasn't given the option to save my certificate as a PDF - it was print or nothing. Unfortunately I chose nothing as I couldn't print from my computer, and now I have to do the whole course again.

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    Dale Mortimer

    I Agree! All do respect but this is rediculous. It should be fair warning that you cannot go back into the course and access the certificate. Both Divisional Superintendent and e-learning portal should have advised this before attempting/completing the training.

  • Avatar
    Trevor Armstrong

    Quite right on that

  • Avatar
    Liala Manola Wilson

    Yep Same here. Now where to?????


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    Helen Harris

    I tried to print my certificate but was unable to do so, now the link is locked because  "I have completed the module".  What now??


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    Dennis Lam

    Dennis Lam

    As above, No option to save!!

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    sosopo sala

    I tried to print my certificate but I cant it says I have to go back to the last session to start from so, Ill leave like it that i have to ask them to email the copy of my certificate if they can do it for me

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