Need an enrolment key?

Signed up to the St John Member's Learning website but have no enrolment key?

No problem. Simply contact your local St John state or territory training manager to request the enrolment key.

Once you have you have received your enrolment key, return to the site and enrol in your selected course.


  • Avatar
    John wheeler

    Thank you

  • Avatar
    Linda Millington

    Why do you have to make this so hard for a person to do our training, we are not computer wizzes  

  • Avatar
    Robyn Perry

    Call me old fashioned but I would still prefer the book.

  • Avatar
    Jorge Humberto Silva Sousa

    I got a card with the St John First Aid kit, saying that I could for free an online st George First aid awareness course.... cannot get in? Do I need a password? If so please email it to me

  • Avatar
    paul tait

    Very frustrating, have tried for several days to do on line training- this is far as I have got. 

  • Avatar
    Wayne Perkins

    Need to complete these online courses to stay an active member and they don’t bloody work! Well done St John....

  • Avatar

    What’s the reason we have to do the online course, if we are going to sit for 8 hours course

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